South Dakota Thompsons
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John E. Thompson and children (about 1940)
L. to R.
back row: George (eating pie), Francis, Merle, Roy, John E.
front row: Carol, Mabel, Laura, Lyle
Photo Courtesy: Lyle Thompson
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Last updated: 22 July 2015

Look for new photos and information soon! As I've worked on
this website I've had good times connecting with cousins and
relatives all over the world. I've also had sad, especially as I
have seen so many of the family members from "the greatest
generation" passing in recent years.

I have recently received a wealth of information on my maternal family
side, an area of family research that I've put off for too many years, and
which will set the Thompson research back as I look into that side of my
family and start adding more on mom's
Hammond side. Interestingly, my
parents moved back to upstate New York a number of years ago, only to
learn years later that they were literally within just miles of where her side
of the family originated from!

Have a great day!